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Terminal 07:41
Riots are all the rage I got all dolled up in my Monday best Then went to town on my opinion piece of shit Been inarticulate since I learned to speak But I know a good nerve when I hit one Stirring bad blood until it sets the stage Impale this smug face upon a masthead Riots are all the rage Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin the rape and the pillaging Blood sucking pays better Built on the backs A padded cell; a prison still Blood sucking tastes better We are nothing if not consequences Just a series of compromises We’ll shoulder all of the lies to excavate oceans beneath your feet I hope your swan dive finds you in seething waters I hope that the waves take you for every thing you bought and stole every thing you are A mischief of rats A parliament of thieves We’ll break our own bones To build ourselves in new forms This is the path of most resistance So bring it on
Room 05:55
time and tide will shift the shoreline before I learn to lift the weight of mind from mine pretend I forgive myself for everything I’ve been before I turn a different face to face the world meet me back where we lost the plot this time we’ll not leave the room till it’s done take comfort, fallen look over, last shunned this version, born broken blameless, guilt laced last chances, second time around blameful, no mercy shame face, let go holding on, let go be hopeful, last ones (in here) Take a breath and speak what's under your nails It's not enough to paint the walls in new styles Take me apart of you We’re through The worst (of this) And back around again Here’s to A new End.
Hydronaut 08:51
Inflamed; chained down Battles of bodies Knotted and bound Capsized and lost to the deep Keelhauled; face to face With the plaque of my disgrace To embrace the shame To grow back again Can’t fall down Can’t find up As we drown I haunt myself to sleep In the absence of light Unbearable weight of silence In the absence of reason Impossible weight of memory Outside, glassy-eyed Cannibalise, inside Outside, glassy-eyed Cannibal, I, inside Aspiration The same knots Unconsciously tied That keep me anchored Keep me bound I aspire to I aspire too I aspire to Breathe out
Superego 08:30
The most painful shape of any tongue Lashed over and over and Out of my mind Glitching and twitching; commence unfolding Punctured at the speed of thought Any given night of the day Debt to death Indebted til the bitter end Minefield of memories Every morning trigger warning Whipped and bound More by guilt than by law An ouroboros of never again Sated ever after Gutterfingers Faithstealer Fooltongue An accidental drowning in your own bullshit I owe, obey, own Just enough to paralyse Hello there Did you catch the shame in my eyes? Today I was meant to be someone Or maybe that was yesterday I missed it, either way (History hurts like hell) The most painful shape of any tongue My name
Hiraeth 07:04
We lost dearly every time I fought myself home Sever the phantom limb that keeps you anchored Sever the phantom limb that keeps your view colonic Caught by barbed thought Taught by barbed tongue Hung out to die Didn't you know, dear That all that you hold dear Is a story penned without a single word for you? Oh dear …Dig and you dig and you bury all you need …Dig and you dig and you bury all you need …And you dig and you dig and you You'd lay down in traffic To mourn the passing Of everything you never had And never will You'll spend all of your days To worship an existence That never existed And never will You’ll ignite all the bridges On your journey back To what you never had And maybe they get What you don't Cos they call it by a different name You truly fear 15 billion shining eyes Showing you that you’re the other You are the other


released September 13, 2019


all rights reserved



The Beginning and the End UK

The Beginning and the End is a collaboration between Jamie Fraser (ex Jim Fear) and Matt Jones (ex Valfader).

Inspired by bands such as ISIS, Rosetta, Tool, NIN, Mogwai, Oceansize and The Smashing Pumpkins, the duo have created songs that are sprawling, haunting, intense and introspective.
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